Perils of the Lost Jungle

The last time I went to Perils of the Lost Jungle in Herndon, VA my baby brother had so much fun that he peed in his pants.  Literally.  When I asked him why he didn’t ask to go to the bathroom his reply was, “But I didn’t want to miss out on anything.”  Quite honestly, I couldn’t blame him.

Voted one of the top five mini golf courses in the nation, Perils of the Lost Jungle is certainly a feast for the eyes.  As soon as you enter the bamboo walls you are greeted by an animatronic Tarzan and rum-drinking monkeys.  As you go through the course you will have to avoid the flaming poison arrows, angry alligators and giant locusts straight out of the Old Testament.

If you are able to complete the course without any harm you can check out the batting cages that are also on site.

Suburbanette Tip:  Check the back of the “passport” they give you for great deals to the nearby Chick-fil-a!  Last time I was there I got a free chicken tender kid’s meal for ZERO dollars.  Booyakasha!

For more photos visit my flickr page.

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