Makeup Tips from a Media Maven

My coworker Karen checks me over almost every morning to make sure that I don’t have toothpaste in my hair, sticky notes stuck to my elbow or mascara streaking down the side of my face (all true stories).  Since I recently started wearing lipstick (to appear more ladylike) she has taught me some womanly tricks of the trade:

  • To avoid lipstick marks on a wine glass subtly moisten the rim of the glass with your tongue before taking a sip.  The extra moisture repels the lipstick so your color lasts all day long.  Easy, breezy, beautiful cover girl!
  • To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth place your pointer finger into your puckered mouth and remove.  This removes the excess lipstick that tends to creep to the center of your mouth.

Genius right?!  I should also mention that besides being my handler and a fantastic media planner, Karen also sells handmade jewelery on her website Maggie & Bean.   Check it out for some funky and classic styles from a local designer.

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