Here Comes the Sun

God was smiling upon me last Friday because the weather was a beautiful 75 degrees, I had the day off AND it turns out my good friend Carey was also not tied down by THE MAN that day.  THINGS LIKE THIS NEVER HAPPEN TO ME!  To celebrate (and I realize that in my life I pretty much celebrate everything in my life…) we had a delicious lunch at Chef David Gaus’ Bayou Bakery and took a long hike around Roosevelt Island.

The island is adjacent from the Georgetown waterfront and is truly a small quiet paradise within minutes from the city.  The best part – – there is always tons of parking available and is a short walk from the Rosslyn metro.  Besides a wide abundance of foliage, there is plenty of wildlife. I saw people fishing and even some raccoon tracks!


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  1. I <3 you! I hope we get more days like that!!

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