Toki Underground

When I was little my mother would add frozen peas and corn kernels to my Cup O’ Noodles to make it seem more “gourmet”.  I always looked forward to this delicious concoction but I would like to thank Toki Underground for taking ramen to a whole new different level for me.

The broth was high quality and had an amazingly silky and flavorful texture.  The char siu pork was juicy, fatty and melt in your mouth good (better than Mark’s Duck House!).  I recommend adding a soft poached egg to crack into your bowl for a highly satisfying experience.

All of the servers were lovely and very knowledgeable about the different options on the menu.

BTW, this place is small…really small.  I am pretty sure that I will never get the chance to eat here again due to the massive media attention it has received of lately so for now I will just dream…

Thank you to Maricel for inviting me to the soft launch party and to Washingtonian for providing these lovely photos.


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