Riddle me this, What does a non-essential government employee choose to eat as her last dinner before an impending government shutdown on one of the gloomiest, rainiest days of the year?

Cheese.  And lots of it.

Ten minutes away from our apartment in South Arlington (aka: the ghetto), lies a magical place called Del Ray where Main Street still exists (I didn’t make that up that is really their tagline).  We headed straight to Cheesetique, a speciality cheese shop with a small wine and cheese bar nestled into the back.

We thought about getting a cheese board to share but it was so dreary outside we decided to go straight for the comfort food.  Anita ordered the mac and cheese which came out hot and bubbly with a blend of goat gouda, asiago, percorino and trufffle-infused breadcrumbs.  This definitely blew Velveeta’s macaroni and cheese shells out of the water…and I LURVE Velveeta’s macoroni and cheese shells so that is saying a lot.  I ordered the grown up grilled cheese which had a “prarie breeze cheddar” (aka: white cheddar) on it and it was so delicious I was singing oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-my-gosh out the door. To fill out our meal we each ordered a cup of their tomato soup which was thickened with bread crumbs not cream which is a good thing because as Southeast Asians we lack the proper enzyme to digest dairy products.

If that doesn’t sound heavy enough we also decided to split a ramekin of their warm bread pudding.  Based on the Sweet Loaf’s standards it was perfect — light, airy, custardy with crunchy brown sugar bits spread throughout.

Diagnosis?  Delicious. If this is what Main Street is like I will squash my Hollywood dreams and stay here forever.

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