New Spinach on the Block

Rob recently got a subscription to Hulu on his PS3 so I have been pouring through back-to-back episodes of Modern Family.  In one of the episodes Mitch announces that he thinks that kale should remain a garnish because it is not ready to anchor an entire meal.  After hearing this I got more interested in learning about kale and it’s nutritional properties.  From my (Google) research I learned that kale is chock full o’ cancer preventing anti-oxidents and fiber which can lower cholesterol and heart disease.

It is also easy to prepare and super delicious.  Blanched with a pat of butter and red pepper flakes it made a delicious accompaniment to the filet mignon I prepared the other night.  Even Rob ate every last bit of it up and he is famously known in his social circle for his dislike of vegetables.

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  1. kale is delicious, my favorite way to prepare it is kale chips yum.

  2. We love kale at our house…even the baby eats it! And the health benefits? Can’t beat ’em.

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