Go Ape!

I was dreading my outing to Go Ape for weeks namely because I am terrified of heights and my idea of thrill-seeking includes riding down a small hill on my bike.

When the employees went through their spiel on how to go through the zip wire course I was very concerned when I found out that I would be in charge of making sure I was hooked up correctly at every station.  I am not a pay attention to details kind of girl so I was SURE that I would be brought home in the form of human jelly.

Since I am writing this review you know that is not the case.  After completing each course I became more and more confident in my abilities and even went EXTREME in some of the courses.  Even though it rained I still had a ton of fun and after the trip felt a little bit closer to all of the members in my group who cheered each other on through each station.

Yay for teamwork!

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