The Trials and Tribulations of Kimmy Buffet


It all started when I was 16 year old.

Being a regular teenage girl I never paid heed to my father’s incessant talk about his favorite seafood buffet in Springfield.  I cared much more about Jordan Knight’s comeback career and if I had enough quarters to buy a Little Debbie oatmeal pie in the vending machine after school.  My dad changed all that when he took me to the famed Dragon Sea buffet for my little brothers’ birthday.  I’ve been to buffets before but this place was different… the waitresses knew my father by name.  They set the napkin on his lap for him.  The hostess went across the street to buy a gift for my brothers.  Servers personally brought freshly shucked oysters from the kitchen to the table since they knew it was my father’s favorite.

WTF?  All of this at a typical Asian seafood buffet hidden in “Sprungfield” Virginia?

Then it all came to me and I realized….

I was the daughter of a buffet don.

With the motto C.R.E.A.M. (Crablegs Rule Everything Around Me) engraved in our minds, my family has scouted out the area for the best buffets in the DC area.  After unofficially joining the equally if not more buffet loving Santos clan, my palette (and girth) has only gotten wider for all you can eat sushi.  Below, I break down the best places in the area to chow down.

  • Korshi – Korshi is a standout from other buffets in the area with its dark cherry wood tables and cascading waterfall decor.  Food wise, their shining stars include sushi, Korean BBQ, oysters and crab legs.  I recommend assigning a member of your dining party to crab watch because they run out quickly.  Your vigilance will be rewarded with steaming hot crab legs.  They have other hot food bar items but I have found that most of the items have been picked through and are not always replaced in a timely manner.  Service is friendly but they are Nazi fanatical about napkins.  No kidding, they will give you two point five napkins for a table of eight.
  • Bombay Tandoor – The last time I was here I had a White House Gate Crasher sighting.  Exciting, yes but I was more excited about their lunch buffet.  Endless amounts of delicious tandoori chicken, butter chicken, daal, naan, biriyani, samosas.  They seem to change items on their buffet menu a lot because every time I go here I get to try something new.  A must for the Tysons Corner lunch rotation.
  • Masa 14 –  This is the city’s best-kept brunch secret.  For $35, you have  access to the restaurant’s ENTIRE Latin-Asian fusion menu, bottomless mimosas, lagers and other yummy drink concoctions.  On my last visit, my only regret was not wearing stretchy pants because I did not have enough room to sample the entire smorgasbord they had to offer.  My favorite dishes included the kim chee bacon fried rice, smoked chicken hash, breakfast pizza and crab wontons.
  • Il Mee – This is the best place in the area for Korean BBQ (take that Honeypig!).  They have a decent sushi and hot food bar but the highlight is the meat!  Endless portions of well marinated kalbi ribs, bulgogi, thinly sliced pork belly and spicy chicken.  If there was a heaven on Earth, Il Mee is it.  Suburbanette Tip:  After 10pm, the buffet is only $10 (meat only!)
  • Bangkok Golden While most Thai restaurants charge $12 per dish dish, the same amount gets you a sampling of drunken noodles, crispy chicken with basil, curry, fried rice, and more.  At Bangkok Golden, everything is freshly made so nothing sits out too long or gets old on the buffet line.  Muy deliciouso!
  • Hokkaido – This is my pop’s new favorite place!  I can’t blame him they have a wide and varied selection that will please even the most pickiest eater!  Highlights include snow crab legs, freshly shucked oysters, Maryland blue crabs, sauteed garlic stone crabs, clams, a teppanyaki grill, french fries and chicken nuggets for the kids, and the best part a serve-yourself Hershey ice cream bar!  They even have extra-wide cushy chairs so your fat ass can sit comfortably while you gorge yourself all night long.  Dinner runs to be about $20 a person so this is a good deal compared to Korshi or Todai.
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