My Induction into the Johnnie Walker Striding Man Society

Scotch, the drink that separates men from boys.  And females who drink scotch?  Unlimited cool points.

At the House of Walker Experience, my boyfriend Rob and I had the privilege of learning about the world of blended scotch with a grand whiskey master (who bore a strong resemblance to Ryan Seacrest but I digress).  As beautiful ladies in black cocktail dresses poured us snifters of the famed Johnnie Walker Blue, I couldn’t help but feel like I was attending an event with Don Draper.  I learned many interesting facts throughout the night such as:

  • Johnnie Walker is enjoyed all around the world in various ways.  The US prefers to pair scotch with ginger ale, France enjoys their scotch with Orangina (my new favorite), and those crazy Trinidadians mix their scotch with coconut water.  How trendy!
  • Gold label is best served chilled and with dessert.  It has a mild essence of chocolate, vanilla, and honey.  I am not generally a scotch drinker but this was absolutely heavenly.
  • Whiskey can only be labeled a scotch if it has been aged in an oak barrel for three years in Scotland.
  • Johnnie Walker Blue is best served at life celebrations such as weddings, births, and graduations.  You can even get a bottle engraved with the date for an extra special gift.
  • Black label is an every day whiskey (is there even such a thing? Maybe in Scotland)

In case you did not know, Rob works in public relations and I work in advertising.  We are hip and savvy to marketing ploys.  While the whole event was a staged Johnny Walker commercial we really enjoyed the entire event.  I left feeling a little bit more sophisticated, educated, and cool and in the end isn’t that all that matters?

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  1. Ha! We may have been at the same event. I went with my fiancee and we LOVED it! Def converted to be whiskey drinkers. We started experimenting w Red Label and mixed it w 7/up. Yummy! Try it, but my fav is the Blue label, waaaayyy smoother.

    • I am glad you had a good experience as well! They also really piqued my interest about trying the green and double black labels as well.

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