Cooking for the Family: Banh Xeo

Half of the Vandashian family came over last weekend to sample my first attempt at Vietnamese cooking.  On the menu?  Banh xeo – a savory crepe made with rice flour, tumeric and coconut milk.  I stuffed the crepe with pork, shrimp, scallions and bean sprouts, wrapped it up with lettuce and fresh herbs and dipped it into a homemade nuoc mam cham (Vietnamese dipping sauce) for a flavor explosion.

I had some trouble flipping the stuffed crepe in the pan without breaking but after two or three tries I was a pro!  The result was an ultra light, crispy shell. Thanks to the Ravenous Couple for giving me basic guidelines on how to piece the whole thing together!

Comments from the family included:

  • MMM…Can I have some more? – Kris
  • YUMMY!  Thank you Kimberly! – Kevin
  • How did you learn how to make this? – My Mother (Asian mom equivalent to a compliment)
  • Wow! – Kassie
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