My Crafternoon with Zooey Deschanal

The weather outside is frightful.
But inside its so delightful.
But as long as the wind still blows…
I’m gonna sew! I’m gonna sew! I’m gonna sew!

Even though it was blustering cold, I found the inner willpower to check out the annual Crafty Bastards fair in Dupont Circle over the weekend (check out my recap of last year’s event here).  I didn’t purchase anything but all the cute items gave me the inspiration to become a do-it-yourself craftmonger.

As a crafting no0b, I knew I had to start small.  My girl crush Zooey Deschanel created a tutorial  for a drawstring pouch on her  website promising that the entire project would take about 15 minutes.  That and the fact that she too was the proud owner of a Hello Kitty sewing machine cemented my crafting fate.

The result?

A very awkward sized strawberry pouch!  I think I am going to use it as a makeup brush traveling bag.

PS:  Friends beware, you too will become the owner of a drawstring pouch this upcoming holiday season.

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  1. I was there too! It was my first trip to the festival and I bought some really cute Curious George coasters.

    • I am glad you purchased something! I think I was too overwhelmed by the crowds and the rain. I did win a free cookie from the Potbelly tent however :)

  2. Ha! I love this post, I was a fan of Zooey’s website Hello Giggles but they over-posted my wall to death & I had to stop it. I do remember seeing that “easy” drawstring purse, but I have no sewing machine. :( especially not an awesome hello kitty one!

    p.s. she is my major girl crush too. have you caught ‘new girl’ yet?

    • I am proud to say that the “New Girl” has been added to my weekly rotation of television shows I watch. All of Zooey’s baby doll dresses, tights, and flats remind me of your style (or vice-versa)!

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