Disney Princess Eyes: Princess Jasmine Edition

In high school I used to always envy my Middle Eastern and Indian friends for their beautiful almond shaped eyes.  Even after experimenting with different types of eyeliner (see here and here) I had trouble achieving the Princess Jasmine doe eyed look.  Well friends, look no further because I have morphed into an eyeliner genie as I have found the perfect solution which is a mixture of using the proper tools and technique.

The reason my gel eyeliner was not giving me the look I wanted is because it was not formulated to go on my waterline (inner eye rim area).  To remedy this, I use kohl, a pigment that has been used for centuries to safely darken the inner eye area.  Kohl can be applied in pencil, powder or crayon form.  I prefer crayon.  Two of my favorite formulations are below:

Guerlain Terracotta Kohl Kajal – At $36, this limited edition crayon’s is definitely a splurge but the beautiful packaging and ultra pigmented formula is worth the steep price for beauty.

Sephora Smoky Kohl Eyeliner – A bargain at $12 a pop, like the Guerlain crayon, this eyeliner is ultra pigmented and glides smoothly without tugging.

To apply, I swipe my upper waterline with the side of the crayon and then blink my eyes until the color transfers to my bottom lid.  To ensure that my eyeliner lasts all day, I quickly retrace my lines with some black powder eyeshadow.

Bippity Boppity Boo!  You are a Disney Princess!



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