Suburbanette Finds a Side Job

Lately I have been feeling unsatisfied with my full-time office drone lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong – – I love my clients, my company and the unique challenges I face on a daily basis but it just isn’t enough.  I need a part time job that does not allow me to slowly die in front of a computer for the rest of my life.  Some ideas I have come up with:

  • Corporate lunch packer – Creating healthy and delicious box lunches that fellow office drones will look forward to eating all day long.
  • Virtual Kindle Library – Loaning out all of my favorite books virtually (unfortunately this is now a real service but keep in mind that I was the original keeper of this idea)
  • Food Truck Purveyor – Even though this would probably end up being a full time gig and I would be stuck in a small space by myself for hours at a time I still secretly hope to own one.  I even have the coolest truck name idea ever!
  • Professional Thrifter – Basically a treasure hunter, as a professional thrifter I would shop estate sales, abandoned storage units, and garage sales all day long.
  • Furniture Refurbisher – Turning drab into fab – – one day at a time!  This idea was inspired by the blog Better After.
  • Recruiter – If I worked for a company that offered cash incentives to refer new employees I would totally utilize my social network to a) work with my friends and b) earn some money honey!
  • Waitress – The world’s most thankless job but the last time I did it I lost 20 lbs!  It’s like getting paid to lose weight.
  • Pho Shop Owner – I totally have a concept and plan but the only thing standing in my way is my inability to make pho.

If you could have a side job what would you do?

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  1. I like the corporate lunch packer idea, and will work for you if you ever start that idea. I am a fantastic cook! :)

    Most likely, the side job I will end up getting is waitress/hostess/restaurant slave because they keep part-time night hours which is all I have available. Sigh….not that I want to give up those available nights, but, though your goal is be less bored (I suppose?), mine is to stop using my AMEX.

    • You should set up an Etsy shop! You are so creative – – I am sure people will go crazy over your illustrations and prints.

  2. Food truck. My boss does it on the side for big events. She said it’s fun.

  3. I’m now obsessed with better after!! thanks for the link! 😀

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