Is Gold the New Platinum?

For the last two decades or so platinum rings have been the metal de rigueur for engagement and wedding bands.  But with all old things becoming new again (hello pants suits!), I have a sinking feeling that gold is now the new platinum. I am positively smitten with the following pieces:


Michael Kors Baguette-Bezel Watch, Rose Gold

Banana Republic Gold Watchband Bracelet

Michael Kors Gold Chain Link Bracelet


PS: If anybody can confirm or deny my suspicious about gold being the new choice metal please let me know.  I have a boyfriend that I need to bug.


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  1. I would still personally prefer platinum because most of my necklaces are silver ( I don’t wear a lot of other jewelery), though I am in love with that rose gold!!!

  2. I have that Michael Kors watch. =]

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