Wii Had a Party!

The Wii has been a saving grace in the Suburbanette-Suburbanbro household.  On cold wintery days, we rely on it to stream “Lost” on Netflix and to break a sweat with epic “Just Dance” battles.  That is why I was SUPER excited when Brand About Town contacted me about hosting an over-the-top Wiii ice cream party to demo the new Wii Play Motion game.

Twenty guests ages two to thirty-two crammed into our tiny apartment for a two hour party that ended up lasting SEVEN HOURS.  I’ve been to weddings where people have cleared out faster!  I think this stands as a testament to Wii’s people-gathering power (and my awesome buffalo chicken dip).  Wii Play Motion makes use of the new Wii Motion Plus control and has up to four players compete in a series of mini games!  The games are fairly basic but surprisingly addictive.  Who would have known that virtual skipping rocks would be so much fun?  I am not even joking, during this particular game, large groups of people gathered around the television to cheer on their favorite players as they threw fake rocks in a fake lake.  People were more excited about this game than the actual REDSKINS game!

Brand About Town also provided us with tons of extra goodies such Coldstone ice cream, ALL of the fixings one person could possibly want (even strawberry syrup — I can’t wait to make strawberry milk with it!), and parting gifts for each guests!  Can I say best party ever?  Thank you Brand About Town and Nintendo for making my snowy HalloWIIn weekend a WII-ner!

Also — to give my party a Suburbanette flair I created an old school Gameboy photo prop that everybody had fun posing in!  Doesn’t everybody look so cute?

For more images of the party click here.

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  1. omg i love that prop!

  2. We had a blast! THanks for having us. I agree, the gameboy prop was definately one of my favorites =D

  3. That looks like fun! We’re doing a Wii for our family Christmas gift. Hoping it’s as much fun as you make it look.

    • It is a MUST for the winter season! I love just snuggling up on snowy days and watching marathons of streaming Netflix movies or re-living my youth playing old school Mario games with my boyfriend.

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