Thanksgiving Noms

One of my favorite Thanksgiving day traditions is looking at all photos of food people cook on Facebook.  Isn’t that super fat kid of me?  If you are a food voyeur like myself here is what my family had for dinner:

– Roasted turkey – My dad likes to brag that it was grown by Amish people
– Cornbread stuffing
– Mashed sweet potatoes
– Scalloped potatoes
Cauliflower au gratin – We usually make a broccoli casserole but this recipe was too good to pass up!
– Crab dip and crackers – A real winner!  Mix cream cheese, sour cream, hot sauce, green onions, Parmesan cheese, crab, garlic, salt and pepper and broil until it is hot and bubbly.  Serve with crackers.
Green Bean Casserole – We make this every year but I lightened it up by making my own cream of mushroom soup which was surprisingly very easy!  Nobody missed all of the the extra fat and sodium.
– Pumpkin pie – Costco brand, of course.
Pumpkin mousse topped with crystallized ginger cookies – New to the rotation this year, it was enjoyed along side a cup of hot rooibos tea by my family.

My family bought two turkeys so we could turn the leftovers into turkey pho and turkey fried rice the next day!  We try to be super traditional on Thanksgiving but once the weekend rolls around my parents likes to add their Asian flair to our cuisine again.

BTW, after looking at old pictures over the weekend I am convinced that my dad was the original hipster. Check out that androgynous haircut, huge black rimmed glasses, and skinny jeans?

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