The Miracle of Yeast

You know how pregnant ladies like to take pictures of their growing baby bump week after week and post them on Facebook?  Well after this week’s baking adventure, I *TOTALLY* can understand why women would  think their pregnancy is so cool and that other people would be interested in it.  You see, my friend Feisty Fatale has been on a bread baking spree as of lately and I wanted to partake in the fun.  I looked up a recipe on the internet and combined all of the ingredients in my stand mixer.  Then I waited for everything to leaven.  15 minutes later. Nothing.  1 hour later — looking a teensy bit puffy but maybe it is my eyes playing tricks on me. 2 hours later – it’s starting to get bigger but not loaf like at all.  3 hours later — holy doughly moly, this sucker was huge!  I was so proud to watch my little dough ball grow into a full grown loaf.  I was going to take pictures of it’s progress but after 30 minutes I was already starting to think that my project was going to fail so I didn’t even try.

I used my bread to pack Rob a turkey sandwich for lunch today.  Diagnosis? Delicious!  Rob said that he ate everything up even the little crumbs — it was that good!  I am so excited because I was so sure that it would suck that I packed some Subway coupons in his lunch bag just in case.  What’s next for me and my baking adventures?  French baguettes and homemade hamburger rolls.  Go me!

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  1. Feisty Fatale says:

    i LOVE this!! It is quite satisfying to make your boyfriend a sandwich on homemade bread, isn’t it? I’ve decided not to buy bread anymore! I just wish I could buy bread flour in bulk.

  2. Suburbanette says:

    I was thinking of buying a big bag of flour at Costco but I have no idea where I would store it!

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