Tarsier Masquerade Ball

The folks at DC Socialite asked me to cover a hipster masquerade ball last week.  I was feeling extra nervous because:

1) I am not a hipster
2) I didn’t have time to buy a mask

Womp womp!

However things turned out okay because I am a fatty and the catering company, Tarsier was able to fulfill my every single need.  Even more so, the head chef Tom Constantino is a fellow Filipino-American who was able to put a modern spin on classic Filipino dishes.  My favorite (favorite being an understatement — I have been dreaming about this concoction all week) was their lugaw.  Lugaw is a home style rice porridge that my father and mother would lovingly make for me every time I was sick.  My family usually makes our lugaw with chicken topped with lime, pepper and cilantro.  Chef Tom was able to take the dish to a whole different level by adding lechon (a whole spitfire roasted pig) chunks to the rice and garnishing the dish with quail eggs, crushed chicharon, green onions, and a spicy hot chili oil.

I am sorry mom and dad but Chef Tom’s lugaw OWNS yours.

The event was also a lot of fun because I unexpectedly ran into a bunch of fun friends like Brigette, Jamee, and Jayselle.  I also met the famous Ricky Tan — some random dude who used to blow up my sister’s Myspace page back in the day.  I also had the most handsome date in the entire place — thanks to hair wizard Enzo Bot (who was also attending the party as well).

I love unexpectedly fun nights!  For a full recap of the event visit here.

Images 1 and 2 provided by Carlos Robles.  To view full set click here.

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  1. Let’s not forget the yummy leche flan cupcake thingymajiggers.


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