My Friend Adrienne’s Friends’ Holiday Party

I am embarrassed to say that I declined an invitation to Adrienne Weber’s eighth grade sleepover birthday party because a girl told me that her house was in the “ghetto” and that they did not lock their doors at night (all false BTW).

LUCKILY, I came around my snobby ways and slowly infiltrated Adrienne’s inner friend circle.  That is how I ended up at Kristy’s dad’s house last Saturday night for a holiday get together.  We ate crab dip by the fire while her father played jazzy Christmas tunes on his piano.

Kristy went to Lemon Road Elementary in McLean with Adrienne.  In middle school Adrienne moved to Centreville to befriend me.  Devon attended hs and was on the cheerleading squad with  Kristy at McLean. Later on Devon would turn out to be my sorority sister and roommate.  And that is the story of our friendship! (Megan is in our friend group as well but I will talk about her another time)


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