High on Pot Roast

I have an internet girl crush on the Pioneer Woman.  To me, she is the modern day Laura Ingalls Wilder only she doesn’t eat weird stuff like sizzling pig tails and bear drumsticks.  After perusing her website on a boring Saturday, I came across this recipe for pot roast that I just had to make.  Like right that moment.

So I did!  And thanks to my slow cooker the prep time took only 15 minutes.  Six hours later I came home to to the most tender, delicious and comforting meal.  The Van fam came over for dinner and it got rave reviews (except from Kassie – – she only eats things that are smothered in cheese).

Dinner Before

Dinner After


PS: By now you must be wondering – – does this girl do anything else but eat?  The truth is not really.

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  1. Feisty Fatale says:

    Crock pots are awesome!!! I haven’t used mine in a while, though a recipe on that website has inspired me to slow simmer some soup for dinner on Sunday! :)

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