Our Wild Fatastic Ride

I am temporarily working in DC for the month while my office goes through an extensive renovation.  My new workspace is located approximately two blocks from Rob’s office which means our new routine includes:

– Seeing who can wake up first to hog up our one person bathroom
– Driving to work together
– Eating lunch together / Or eating a virtual lunch together at our desks
– Driving home together
– Eating dinner  or going to happy hour together
– Debating about going to the gym together or watching our favorite shows together
– Going to bed together

I thought by the end of the first day I would be ready to punch my boyfriend (fiance!) in the face but it has actually been really nice.

Some of the stops we visited on our slow descent into diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure include:

Nando’s Peri Peri – – Our favorite South African roasted chicken spot!  It’s so good that you will want to pass up your only brother’s engagement dinner!  Also, a little Suburbanette bird just told me that it will be opening it’s first Virginia location at Pentagon Row this summer!

Crumb’s Cupcake – – Rob called me excitedly to let me know that the new shop right next to his office was giving out cupcakes!  The blustering cold did not turn me away from the thought of a nice, moist, fluffy cupcake with my favorite flavor of icing on top (FREE).

Barcode — Best happy hour in the city!  Tuesdays is half priced bottle night so a few girlfriends and  I was able to enjoy a smooth Argentinian pinot noir for the sweet, sweet price of $15.  Rob ordered the banana bread beer which I am happy to report lived true to its namesake.

Pho Sate – Rob and I found ourselves back in the burbs’ after visiting Baby Willow in the hospital.  Let me tell you there is nothing that soothes frazzled nerves like a hot bowl of steaming pho.  For more information on my favorite pho spot click here.




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  1. Youre pretty good at this lol.

  2. Feisty Fatale says:

    When I was reading your schedule, I couldn’t help but think ‘How nice!’, even if you thought you would want to punch him! :) I miss the days when Ryan and I drove to and from work together.

  3. Suburbanette says:

    Good at being fat? Yes I am. haha..

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