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Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Expos

My new side hobby is bridal expo hustling.  No joke, bridal expos are the best thing in the world since sliced bread (and I’m a girl who loves her carbs so you know this is serious talk).  Imagine waltzing up to a schmancy country club, loading up on delicious hors d’oeurves and champagne with your three best friends for the ultra low price of ZERO DOLLARS.

That is exactly what I did last Sunday.

Jessica Brose, events manager at Main Street Weddings and my good friend was gracious enough to invite me to a bridal open house at the Fauquier Springs Country Club out in Warrenton, Va.

The event’s theme was “A Winter Wonderland” and the country club’s ballroom was completely decked out in blue, silver and white fabric.  White floral arrangements adorned every table – – each with a unique look and feel.

Guests had the opportunity to speak with vendors and also taste an amazing array of treats provided by Legends Catering.  Between my two sisters, my mom and I, we tried everything they had to offer — our favorites being the Maryland crab cake appetizers, strawberry and spinach salad, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, sliced London broil in au jus, and Parmesan risotto.

Being new to the whole wedding planning thing, going to an event like this was very useful.  It opened my eyes to a lot of new ideas and also gave me the opportunity to see how little details can make any event seem five star.  It was also fun to see Jessica run the whole show.  A little bit of history – – Jessica and I used to work together at the local Ruby Tuesdays almost ten years ago so seeing her excel in a demanding and detail oriented position like this was pretty spectacular and I couldn’t help but feel a little bit proud.

Jessica…you have come a long way since you were Jessica #2, Smiling People Greeter!

At the end of the day, I realized that a country club wedding wasn’t for me but that didn’t deter Jessica from coming back to me with a TON of valuable suggestions.  If you are interested in learning more about Main Street Weddings or are just looking for more inspiration and ideas on how to plan your special day I would suggest that you attend a few of their free upcoming Bridal University series.  Topics will include:  Budgeting, Bridal Hair and Makeup, Planning Your Honeymoon, How to Select Wedding Invitations and Stationary, and How to get Flower Girls and Ring Bears Involved, etc.

The first event will be held on Saturday, February 4th at 1:00 p.m., with an information-packed session titled:

The Power of Flowers

Working with a florist to create your dream wedding

This session will feature local business owner and custom wedding florist, Shelley Campbell, who will advise future brides on creative and unique floral design and cost saving tips for selecting wedding flowers.this session will receive a $50 gift towards their flower purchase (minimum $500 order).

Prospective brides who wish to participate in the Bridal University seminars are encouraged to pre-register in person at Main Street Weddings (88 Main Street, Warrenton, VA 20186) or via telephone (540.347.4004) or email (

Dress of the Day: Wedding Wednesday Edition

I love the sweetness that comes with tea length dresses but unfortunately I have calves bigger than Mia Hamm and Serena Williams combined.  Oh well a girl can dream…

Alfred Angelo Style 2244 | Purchase

Keeping up with the Vandashians…Blades of Glory Edition

The Pentagon Row Ice Rink BLOWS.  First of all it is too small, too crowded, the ice is extremely bumpy, and their rental skates are practically falling apart (literally – – my skates had a huge slice through them!).

But a little hiccup here or there didn’t stop the Vandashian family + Rob from having the time of their life!

This was right after Kevin made fun of Kris for falling down! That's what happens when you are being mean!

After all the fun and excitement, we took the boys to Sine to share a plate of wings and nachos.  Kristopher declared that it was his favorite Irish pub of all time. Haha.



Dress of the Day: Cute as a Button


This dress is as cute if not cuter than a panda bear hugging a puppy on a rainbow.

Dice as Nice Dress | $250 | Purchase

Dress of the Day: Suburbanette Edition

I decided to do something a little bit different and pull out a dress from the ole’ Suburbanette collection for today’s dress of the day feature.  I love this dress for its funky tribal pattern and full twirly skirt.  It took me FOREVER to purchase this dress because it is always sold out but lucky for you there is ONE left on

Dolce Vita Dress in Deco Print by Effie’s Heart | $80 | Purchase

Dress of the Day: Sailing Away

Ever since I was four years old, I have had a serious obsession with incorporating sailboats into my daily apparel.  Let me tell you, its not easy and a lot of people give me strange looks.  But I can’t help it – – sailboats are just so darn cute!  That is why I was so happy to find the sweetest little sailboat dress at Vanilla & Lace.

Float Away Dress | $60 | Purchase

Dress of the Day: Roping it Up

What a fun zig zag print – – and the rope belt adds some nice definition to the waist.

Aqua Dress | $88 | Purchase

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Idol

Welcome to my first Wedding Wednesday post!

So here I am almost two weeks engaged and I can’t help but feel a little bit overwhelmed.  People are asking me all types of questions about my wedding that I do not have the answer to.  I have been planning my wedding since I first saw footage of Princess Diana’s royal wedding back in the eighties but now that the time is here I honestly have no idea what I want to do.

It is easy to get caught up in the material side of things in a wedding but I want to keep my focus on what is most important — marrying Rob and uniting our families (where we will join forces to dominate buffets in the Northern Virginia area).

I have thought it over and have decided that my ultimate bridal idol is my very own sister Kat.  She got married three years ago, with a guest list of 250, a  VERY limited budget and a planning time frame of ONE MONTH.

While this would drive most people would go crazy, my sister handled the entire wedding with grace, pose and a big smile.  The wedding was not perfect (the wedding cake fell over due to humidity and my dad got the DIY bug and constructed the ugliest looking chuppah EVER known to man) but it was still the most fun wedding I had ever been to because the evidence of love that flowed throughout.  As you can see by the photos below my sister’s happiness and energy was infectious.


Happy New Years!

According the Mayan calandar this past New Years may have been the last one ever celebrated.  Rob and I decided to keep things low key and low cost so we could save our money for canned goods and hunting gear once the apocalypse comes.  We had a few of our closest friends and family come over to Studio 504  for a vintage themed (some people took the theme more seriously than others) all night dance party.

In 2011, I am happy to say that I was able to accomplish the following:

– Change my biological clock to start waking up early thus getting to work early for the first time ever in my adult lifetime
– Started a new job
– Weaned myself off my office blanket (a huge feat for those who know me)
– Got my first paid writing gig and started writing for DC Socialite
– Got quoted in The Washington Post
– Became a Nintendo brand ambassador (as of last week! YAY!)
– Got engaged to the sweetest, nicest, most handsome man ever

My New Years Resolutions are to:

– Make friends with my gym
– Find an Arlington/Falls Church church family
– Save money like I have never saved before
– Learn how to be a patient and loving wife

Thanks to all of my friends who have been with me for the past year and I look forward to the great, funny, happy memories to come!


Dress of the Day: Sweet and Whimsical

Yay!  Now that the holiday season is over many stores are starting to introduce new styles.  There is something about this Anthropologie dress that makes me just want to smile.

Conspicuous Shell Dress | $188 | Purchase

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