My First Urban Food Truck Experience

As I mentioned earlier, I am temporarily working at my company’s DC branch while they are rebuilding my office.  The first thing on my “To-Do” list of being an urban worker was to eat lunch at a food truck like all of the fun, hip city people do on television.

Thanks to some Twitter research, I found out that all of the food trucks in my area posted up at Farragut Sqaure around lunchtime .  Since the weather was a sunny 65 degrees, I grabbed my partner in crime (my fiancé who works two blocks away) and had a wonderful mid-day picnic.

So many choices, what to pick?!

All of the bright colors and fun costumes led me to the beautiful land of Merlindia, a traveling food carnival.

Butter Chicken and Curried Potatoes with Cauliflower for $4?  YES PLEASE!  (The 5 Hour Energy Drink was a free sample that I did not drink)

Sir Robert went with the ever popular bulgogi tacos with kim chi slaw.

I loved the casualness of people lunching on this grand statue.

Barbie pink scooter I found on my walk back!

Overall, I am loving my little office vacation in the city but a little part of me misses my suburban office.  I have yet to encounter a Peruvian chicken joint on my block and pho in the city costs $10 or more per bowl!  That is basically highway robbery people!

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