My Sweet Puppy Dog Lewy

I have struggled to write this post for the past week because it is very painful to write.  But last week I had to put my dog Lewy done because he had advanced cardiac disease.  Lewy was an energetic puppy and was loved by my entire family (even my dad – – which is a feat!).  In honor of his life, here are a few facts/memories about Lewy Nacho Justin Timberlake Van (can you tell i was a major teeny bopper when I got him?).

– Lewy is originally spelled Louis.  When Kevin and Kristopher were learning how to spell they sounded out his name phonetically and came up with L-E-W-Y.
– Lewy could bounce on snow like a bunny rabbit.
– Lewy could stand up on his hind legs for minutes at a time.
– Lewy had a bazillion toys but he only liked one — a stuffed turtle from Target.
– Lewy is deathly afraid of running water and the sewer.
– Lewy ran two miles every night with my dad after dinner until the end of his life.
– Lewy was the ultimate lap dog.  He loved to lay his head on your lap and sit for hours.
– Lewy is obsessed with my old co-worker Dan’s front yard.
– Lewy hated Kevin and Kristopher until two years ago.  But he LOVES Kassie.
– One of Kassie’s first words was “Lewy”.
– Lewy never begged for food or ate cable wires or shoes.
– Ever since we got Lewy, our vacuuming underneath the kitchen table has been cut in half
– I don’t know if dogs smile but Lewy definitely did

Lewy, the whole family was so lucky to have you a part of our life.  There will never be another puppy like you and you have helped us in so many more ways than one.

Lewy and his best bud Kassie just chillin'

California cruising Lewy

Rain Gear Lewy

Lewy hated his unicorn costume.

Lewy on a long walk

Rodeo wear Lewy

Lewy as a pirate on Halloween.

All of the boys in their Christmas sweaters.

Lewy on a bright summer day.

A walk at Great Falls with his friend PJ (not pictured and also RIP)

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  1. Awww, I’m so sorry Kimberly! I know how much you loved Lewy and I can certainly understand the pain of losing him :-( He was a very loved dog!

  2. Mama C aka Casey's mom says:

    Kimberly, just had a chance to read your blog a little and wanted to compliment you on the design, I love it! Also so very sorry to her about Lewy, I know how hard it is to lose your pup. He looks like he was a very sweet and lovable baby. RIP Lewy. Take care of yourself too, Kimberly, my god cancer to your heart? You are too beautiful to leave us, so EAT RIGHT!

  3. If more people loved their pet the way you all loved Lewy, the world would be a better place.
    Love you, love Lewy, hopefully he is playing somewhere with PJ with a big smile on his face.

  4. Sorry to hear about Lewy! RIP Lewy! I’m a dog owner too and I definitely feel your pain…

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