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Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to volunteer with one of the contestants of the “Next Food Network Star” with the Junior League of Washington’s Kids in the Kitchen event! My ovaries were working overtime with all of the images of cute kids in their aprons and chef hats getting psyched to learn about my favorite subject — food!

The booth next to me did a demonstration on kale smoothies and I was instantly intrigued. I love kale but in a smoothie — NO WAY! I had heard the benefits of “going green” in Kimberly Snyder’s blog (her patented glowing green smoothie is one of the “it” drinks for celebrities) but I did not think it would taste good. Well, I was wrong — one free sample and I was hooked. In fact, I went to Trader Joe’s that very day to stock up on ingredients.

I blended everything in my cheap-o Bella Cucina personal blender with fantastic results! Even Rob enjoyed it and he has an aversion to anything with nutrients in it. He was amazed that there was no dairy products in it because it was so creamy and smooth.  With that – – I present to you my recipe for my own ghetto green smoothie!

Kimberly Van’s Ghetto Green Smoothie
-Handful of Kale/Spinach (Spinach blends easier with crappy blenders and has a more neutral taste)
– 5-10 seedless grapes
– 1 ripe banana
– Enough purified water to fill 1/3 of blending container
– 10 frozen pineapple chunks

Blend until smooth. Pour into a pretty glass and enjoy!

Why is this good for you?
– No added sugar or fruit juice
– Chock full o’ vitamins
– Spinach or Kale is known for its skin firming properties
– Nutrition experts recommend that you drink this smoothie in the morning to help with any digestive problems

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  1. Contresita says:

    I tried this today! It was delicious!! Iowa even liked it!!


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