Loose Thread

[#1] A few friends and I checked out the famous $3.49 Raw Bar Happy Hour at Dogwood Tavern for the first time.  We ate so many oysters that they cut us off.
[#2]  In order to play this How I Met Your Mother  related prank on Rob, I slept with a pineapple and then woke up in the middle of the night to strategically place it next to his bed.
[#3] One of my best friends from college decided to join the army so a few old friends and I got together for some good, old fashioned karaoke (which means empty orchestra in Japanese — another How I Met Your Mother reference…can you tell I’m obsessed?)
[#4] I took Kassie to the park and for the first time ever, she LOVED the swings.
[#5] I got invited to the Capital Cooking event at the House of Sweden and got to try Swedish food for the first time (not including meatballs!).
[#6] I went to a Real Housewives of NOVA event where I got a makeover that made me look like I had two black eyes.  On the bright side, I was able to test-drive Aveda’s all-natural, all-new, stress relief hand lotion and it is a-mah-zing.  When I came home, the first two things Rob said was “HAHAHA, What happened to your eyes?” and “Wow your hands feel awesome.”
[#7] Rob got Mass Effect 3 on his XBox so he got me a new book as a “I’m sorry, I won’t be spending a lot of time with you for the next few weeks” gift.
[#8] Luckily for him, Brand About Town sent me a brand new pink Nintendo 3DS to test-drive!  It has Wi-Fi so I can play it anywhere…I can’t wait to get my game-on.

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