The Dirty Dozen: What Vegetables to Buy Organic

After speaking to a few people, I realized that buying organic produce is not always an option for those with kids to support, a house to pay for, student loans, expensive shoe habits, etc.  This is something that you should not beat yourself up over.  If you arm yourself with the correct information you will find that there are some vegetables/fruit that lend themselves to more contaminants than others.  These are the products that you should buy organic — the rest….feel free to buy the cheapest of the lot!

For example, regular bananas are 19 cents at Trader Joes.  Their organic counter part is 29 cents — a whole ten cents more per banana.  If you are like my (living-in-sin/fake) family, you consume two bananas a day.  Those extra ten cents can really add up.  After doing some research about what vegetables/fruits I should purchase, I learned that since bananas have a thick skin, the fruit inside is protected from most of the pesticides.  Since Rob and I buy two bunches of bananas a week, that is a whole $1 saved thanks to a thing called KNOWLEDGE!


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  1. Feisty Fatale says:

    I’m growing my own spinach so I don’t have to worry about buying it organic! I usually never buy organic because I watched a Penn & Teller’s Bullshit on how organic food is really no different when it comes to taste & your health.

    • Suburbanette says:

      As soon as the weather gets nice (or is it nice already?! I’m not sure), I am going to attempt to dabble in some balcony side gardening. There is nothing more satisfying than creating something and cooking it to feed the people you love.

      However, I have to disagree with your Penn and Teller video. I have an upcoming post that will be helped written by a close friend and researcher of these types of matters. Stay tuned!!!

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