Curried Vegetables Over Quinoa

If you are craving Indian food without the heavy cream and clarified butter — this should do the trick!  It is spicy, easy to make, and quite filling.  But I’m not going to lie — it would have tasted MUCH better in a creamy tomato sauce with lots of garlic naan to soak it up.  There are some classic recipes you shouldn’t mess with.

1 Tablespoon olive oil
1 medium red onion diced
1 cup of cut broccoli florets
1 medium zucchini sliced
2 Tablespooons of curry
1 teaspoon of tumeric
1 teaspoon of red pepper flakes
1 cup of cooked quinoa
Himalayan sea salt to taste

-Saute diced onions in olive oil for a few minutes until translucent, add salt, curry, tumeric, and red pepper
– Add other vegetables and cook untik softened
– Add cooked quinoa and stir everything together. Adjust seasoning as needed.

Recipe adapted from Kimberly Snyder

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  1. I bought a large bag of quinoa from Costco before tasting it because of its fantastic healthiness, but I have trouble making it tasty. The one time it was sort of yummy (though Ryan didn’t like it) was when I cooked it in chicken broth, and served it with lots of vegetables, leafy greens, nuts & dried cranberries, plus added lots of salt & pepper! Do you have any tricks for making it yummy?

  2. Suburbanette says:

    I usually use quinoa as a rice substitute so I prefer it to be slightly bland so the real star of my meal is the toppings (it’s an Asian thing!).

    Why don’t you try to use it as a breakfast grain and top it with fresh berries and honey? I also like serving it with cajun style grilled fish since it seems to compliment the flavor well.

    One tip that I just learned is to pre-soak your quinoa overnight in water so it removes the phytic acid that inhibits mineral absorption.

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