Two Months Worth of Loose Thread

Hola Amigos!

As you may (or may have not noticed) I recently took a month and a half long hiatus from blogging.  I didn’t mean to do it but life just got in the way.  I will have to do a pretty big “Loose Threads” post to catch you up but here are the highlights of where I’ve been!

I went on a nine day So-Cal trip (the longest vacation I’ve ever had in my adult life)!

I attended a fashion show benefiting the Washington Humane Society at the National Building Museum.  Read my recap here.

I celebrated Easter with a lovely dinner at my sister Kat‘s house!  Rob got me this Easter basket full of candy I can’t eat.

I got to visit my cousins’ in Las Vegas for the first time since they moved there two years ago.

Rob became a godfather to the cutest baby in the WHOLE world!

I went on a cupcake crawl with for Little Miss Cupcake’s birthday (not pictured).  Check out my reviews for The Sweet Lobby and Sticky Fingers Bakery.

I staged a fake birthday party for Kassie since she was so upset she didn’t get invited to my original (adult-oriented) birthday festivities.

Oh by the way! I turned 28! My house was full of flowers for two full weeks!  Thank you to my friends at Nintendo and non-brand affiliated friends haha.

I hosted a Mother’s Day dinner on my apartment rooftop for my mom, my sister Kat, and Rob’s mom!

I officially realized that I have the cutest little family in the world.  See above for proof.

For the first time ever, I wore a watch and painted my nails!  Can I be a fashion blogger now?!

I cheered Rob, Timmy and Roel on as they participated in the annual DC Dragon Boat Race (Gold medal winners baby!).

I got to spend a lovely day at Paradise Springs Winery with my sisters and mom!

I met a bunch of fun fashion bloggers at the Baby Bash and Bling Media Event featuring Tia Mowry!

PS: If you would like to follow my adventures on a daily….maybe even hourly basis check out my Instagram.

PPS:  Don’t forget to sign up for your chance to win an organic makeup prize pack from Sally B. Skin Yummies here.


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  1. Just read your comment on my blog! Totally think we need to set up a date to talk blog, food, veganism, etc!

    Let me know if you want to meeting up! I promise I’m not a weirdo! 😉
    Have you tried Taqueria Poblano on the Pike yet?

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