Our Engagement Party

My family threw Rob and I an engagement party at Paradise Springs Winery last weekend and it could have not been more perfect.  A large storm hit the Virginia area a few days beforehand leaving my parents and myself without power.  But with a little bit of ingenuity and hard work we were able to make it work out!

Rob is a huge fan of pies so his mother ordered an assortment of twelve different pies from Mom’s Apple Pie Company  to create the pie bar of his dreams!  Everybody enjoyed all of the different flavors but it seems like their chocolate pecan pie was the resounding winner.

My mom’s homemade bean salad was a big hit with all of the vegetarians and gluten-free people attendance while all of the carnivores DEVOURED her jalapeno chicken meatballs with the quickness.  Kat’s homemade paper fans provided a welcome breeze in the 100 degree weather and Kristina’s sweet burlap sign brought the whole rustic theme together.

Simply put, my family rocks.




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  1. Fun times! And great photos! Catching up on the blog and hoping to catch up in person soon…still owe you an email. :)

  2. OMG that looks so awesome! Congrats again! Also, I love how serious Kassie is in her conversation!

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