Exciting News! Read All About It!

The hashtag #onegirltwo jobs no longer applies to me! I am now a bonafide full-time Yelp Community Manager. This means a few  things:

#1) I will actually get to sleep more than four hours at night (I think people at my corporate full-time job were starting to think I had narcolepsy!)
#2) More regular blog posts for your enjoyment. Double the Kimberly, double the fun!
#3) I will FINALLY be able to play with the new Nintendo 3DS game I got last Thanksgiving and have been saving for a rainy day.
#4) Goodbye blazers…..helllooooo yoga pants! I’ve been rocking this pair from Lucy the most. If they are good enough for my fake BFF Mindy Kaling than they are good enough for me!

Needless to say:

Cheers to new exciting and scary territories!

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  1. You’re rock!! Good to see Suburbanette again! :-)

  2. Wow! That is scary territory. Good luck, love! Hopefully we can get together soon & discuss

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