Superbowl Noms: Chicken Adobo Wings

The only two things I like about football are:

End Zone Dances (I like to pick up all my new dance moves from here)
Super Bowl Food

On the menu for this year? Chicken Adobo wings. I was inspired by a Yelp review I read on Virtue, Feed & Grain in Alexandria. The owner’s wife is half-Filipino so his dish was a nod to her heritage. Since I am half-Filipino, and the party I was attending would also be frequented by other half-Filipinos (okay…four, three of them being from my family) I figured this was the perfect dish to knock everybody’s socks off!

For the non-Filipinos out there, Chicken Adobo is the national dish of the Philippines. To adobo something means that you are basically immersing the meat in a mixture of vinegar, black peppercorns, soy sauce and garlic.

I pretty much used this recipe on Busog! Sarap! only I:
– Didn’t measure any of the ingredients because I’m gangsta like that.
– Marinated the chicken beforehand for two hours WITH the soy sauce and then cooked everything down in a pot
– I actually used tamari instead of soy sauce since Rob is on a gluten-free kick. I could not tell the difference except in my wallet – – tamari is like twice the cost of soy sauce!
– Once the chicken was fully cooked and the sauce was reduced I crisped up the wings in a separate pot.

I served the dish with the sauce on the side. It tastes amazing over white rice!

To see what I cooked up last year click here!


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  1. oh man! we had two very different superbowls. also i need to make these wings asap! filipinos of the world would be proud!

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