Yelp’s Grand Experiment

I can now add the title “Event Planner” to my resume! I am thrilled, I always dreamed about throwing fun parties for a living but I didn’t actually think it would pan out. I did a bit of trade show marketing at my last few jobs but somehow Interactive Voice Response and Wind Turbine related events just doesn’t sound as sexy to the parties I throw now.

My last event was held at Trademark Drink + Eat, an eatery dedicated to handcrafted cocktails and adding innovative new spins to classic American comfort food. Because of the restaurant’s proximity to the US Patent & Trade Office and it’s science geek chic decor, I decided to theme the party “Yelp’s Grand Experiment.”

Guests noshed on nibbles such as a shrimp bouquet topped with beet mousse and cantaloupe caviar (served in petri dishes!), pretzel bites served with cheese melted on a Bunsen burner, beakers filled with apple cider floats, and candy bacon. We also hosted a cocktail lab where Yelpers learned a few tricks of the trade and were then invited to take a hand in creating their own cocktail mixes.

Enough talking…I’ll let the photos talk for themselves!

Hopefully, my wedding will be just as fun!


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  1. WOW SOUNDS AWESOME. Love it. How do I get invited to these things?! And I definitely believe your wedding will be even MORE fun <3

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