Meet Me: The Human Pincushion

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So I thought that I was really good at handling stress. I got things done like a boss and my friends and family  are able to depend on me to fix things when they are broken, I could work two jobs and make it appear effortless (I hope!). But a few months ago I realized that while I was fine on the outside, I was a mess on the inside! Anxiety and stress about handling my personal life, health, work, and my upcoming nuptials were starting to take a toll in my body mostly in the form of mini panic attacks, mouth sores, and extreme exhaustion.

As I mentioned a while ago, I was raised in a house where stress and anxiety was a laughable first world problem so the fact that it started happening to me was a little bit scary.

I had always been interested in acupuncture but I never had time or money to actually partake in the treatment. When I finally found myself with some free time on my hands and my health insurance started adding acupuncture as one of its benefits, it was a no-brainer to sign myself up for a few sessions at East West Medicine in Falls Church.

My first meeting with Dr. Nguyen was two hours and included a whole body health assessment. She asked me questions about my health, checked the coating on my tongue and checked my pulse. In fact she was able to tell a whole lot about my body based on last two items. She noticed right away that I had a scalloped tongue which is due to something they call “dampness” in my body.

I was so relieved that she noticed this because my scalloped tongue had been a major source of pain for several years and it always led to huge canker sores which always came at the most inopportune times. It also took approximately THREE WEEKS to heal. Can you imagine not being able to talk properly for three weeks? If you thought I was quiet before, now you know why.

I had my treatment and within a day my sore started to go away. I had a major work event a few weeks later and I could feel a sore start to pop up so I started getting worried again but it also healed very quickly.

I have been seeing Dr. Nguyen every week for the past two months and she basically put the reset button on my body. She is teaching me how to relax which helps with the anxiety and teaching my body to heal itself. It is AMAZING what the human body can do. I have since then graduated to bi-monthly sessions.

So now that I’m done with my bit I am sure you have a few questions:- Does it hurt?: You will feel a little pinch but not really. The whole treatment is very relaxing.
-How long does it take? The first session is two hours and follow up sessions are about thirty minutes each.
-How many sessions should I have?: One session is not enough! You will need several maintenance sessions to keep up the progress in your body. Older people need more frequent sessions but if you are young and relatively healthy you should need less, but it is definitely an investment in time and money.
-What can acupuncture do for me? Treatment options include organ and blood strengthening, relaxation, smoking cessation, headaches and migraines, stomach problems, skin issues, chronic pain, etc.
-How much does it cost? Visit the East West Medicine website for more information.

Happy healthy living to you! And I hope you enjoy the treatment selfies I took when I should have been relaxing. :)


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