Graduation Day!

This morning, my youngest sister Kristina graduated from George Mason University’s nursing program with honors! This kid is amazing, for her internships she actually CHOSE to work at a prison and a mental institution. She is the only person I know who can talk about enlarged scrotums with fascination and intrigue. She is going to be a fantastic nurse!

Three kids down…two more to go. I am pretty sure my parents are relieved that they won’t have to pay college tuition for another five years.


Because I have to make everything about me: I got kind of emo when taking photos by Mason pond with my family afterwards. Seven years ago, Rob and I graduated from Mason together. We were dating at the time but I honestly did not think anything of our relationship. I assumed that after that summer I would never see him again. I can’t believe we are getting married in three months.

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  1. Twin, I love your dress in this pic!! I would never guess you were going through so much from that gorgeous smile on your face.

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