Sweets for the Sweet

I am married!

Since I no longer have a wedding to plan and I am addicted to being constantly busy, I have decided to focus on my blog again. I’ll write more about the wedding when I come back from my newlywed high but today’s blog post is dedicated to something that I have been thinking of for a while — Agave Syrup.

Yes, the thought of sweetener substitute keeps me up at night. I am weird like that. My dad has been diagnosed with pre-diabetes so has been trying really hard to regulate his diet. I had known that agave syrup was evil for a while so I am still surprised when I see many health food blogs, recipe books, and even healthy appliance manufacturers touting agave syrup as an all-natural alternative to refined sugar.

It is easy to believe to when they use photos of Mexican farmers harvesting them from the desert and using words such as “organic” and “raw” to help move products from the shelves. But the truth is, agave syrup is not really better than any of the other artificial sweeteners that are out there.


It really grinds my gears when quasi food celebrities use their name to tout a product without realizing the health implications it will have on the masses. People like my pops! This is truly irresponsible and ethically wrong.

For a more scientific information on why agave syrup is bad for you click here. To put it simply: Agave Syrup is another form of high fructose corn syrup and definitely not safe for diabetics.

Other better alternatives: Stevia or Raw, Organic Honey

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  1. Oh my goodness! Here I had thought I FINALLY found something that was better for me than sugar, and something I actually LIKED, to boot! Rats and double rats!!! Thanks for enlightening me, Kimberly. The search goes on.

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