Going to the Chapel of Love

Robert and I attended our first wedding as a married couple this weekend. Before the bride made it down the aisle, it was all water works on my end. I’ve been a guest to about a bazillion weddings but once you are married the feelings you have are completely different. Everything to the emotions that you feel walking down the aisle, seeing your husband for the first time, and speaking sacred vows..weddings take over a whole new meaning!

With that being said here are a few of our favorite wedding ceremony highlights and a few fun facts.
* The church we got married in held it’s first mass in 1895 and was where President John F. Kennedy’s funeral took place.
* Rob and I got married in a traditional Filipino/Spanish Catholic style wedding. In pictures 10 and 11 you will see examples of the cord and veil ceremony which symbolizes clothing the couple as one and everlasting fidelity.
* My wedding is the first wedding I did not cry at (ok…for the first thirty minutes). To stop myself from crying when walking down the aisle, I sang the chorus to “What What in the Butt” the entire time.
* This church surprisingly did not have any issues about strapless dresses but I felt uncomfortable baring my arms so I was able to get the off the shoulder top custom made for my dress.
* Kassie was one of three flower girls. While walking down the aisle, she stopped and blew a kiss to her daddy! What a princess.

Kimberly Rob 001-M

Kimberly Rob 037-M

Kimberly Rob 180-M (1)

Kimberly Rob 040-M

Kimberly Rob 044-M (1)

Kimberly Rob 024-M

Kimberly Rob 017-M

Kimberly Rob 069-M

Kimberly Rob 073-M

Kimberly Rob 100-M

Kimberly Rob 118-M

Kimberly Rob 120-M

Kimberly Rob 135-M

Kimberly Rob 139-M

Kimberly Rob 140-M

Kimberly Rob 158-M





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  1. Love love Love!!!!! !! And your wedding made me cry more than any time ever before! It was so beautiful!! I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos 😀

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