There Goes Halloween

I present to you, Rob and I’s first couple costume as a married unit:

This photo was taken by the fabulous David Dang, at Yelp’s Twilight Rendezvous at Eden last week.

My actual Halloween was spent at my parent’s house, helping my little brothers,Kevin and Kristopher cull through their interesting candy collection.

Kassie dressed up as Sleeping Beauty. This is a real conversation between her and my sister:

Kristina: Excuse me, do you know where my niece Kassie is?Kassie: It’s me Kristina! I’m Kassie!
Kristina: Oh no? Really, because all I see is Sleeping Beauty!
Kassie: No, really Kristina! It’s me! I’m Kassie! I’m BROWN!!!!

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  1. That Kassie is hilarious. I need to meet her. You guys are adorable as usual <3

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