New Year, New Deodorant

This is kind of embarrassing to admit to the interwebs but I’ve always been a clinical strength deodorant kind of girl. I am aware of the health risks associated with anti-antiperspirants and deodorants but I’d much rather have breast cancer and lots of friends than be that weird stinky kid that everyone ignores (PS: This is coming from a girl who already has had cancer, so I can say that).

I’ve tried all types of natural deodorants and all of them left me smelling like a gym mat in the men’s wrestling room, but I am proud to say that I have finally found a contender that is awesome enough to bring me out of Suburbanette retirement.

I introduce to you Truly’s Natural Deodorant! Made with organic coconut oil, powdered sugar,  baking soda and beeswax it is not harmful to your body’s natural chemistry, is non-staining, fragrance free and does not show up white on your clothing. Oh and the cost? Only a cool, $7.95. It’s pretty much too good to be true! I have worn this through several awkward holiday dinners, Kazaxe and yoga class and have went home smelling as fresh as a bee who found herself in a sugar and coconut oil factory.

The only thing you have to remember is that this is a deodorant NOT an anti-antiperspirant so if you are an excessive sweat monster, this might not be your Holy Grail (although sweating is your body’s way of releasing toxins and cooling your body so perhaps you should try it anyways).

*I was not paid to write this post. All thoughts are my own*

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  1. Thank you!!i Wii definitely look this up!

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