Triple the Babies, Triple the Fun

Once upon a time, I bonded with a girl entirely based on the fact that we could consume more beef and broccoli than anybody else at our table (boys included). Our common interest blossomed into friendship and soon we were causing trouble all over town.



My sister and I were lucky enough to be in her wedding too! Here is a photo of Kat and I holding her dress and taking our jobs very, very seriously.


We grew old, she became a doctor….I started a blog…you know how the story goes. Now she is the mother of not one but three beautiful girls! Rob and I were jonesing for a hit of some of that sweet, sweet newborn smell so we decided to gas up the car and pay a visit to Tiff and her family up in Maryland.



Sweet Ari teaching me the right way to focus my lens. “This is the way you do it!!”







Let’s not forget Brody too!

How lucky is she to have such a sweet family? I hope one day that my kids are just as awesome.


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  1. SO CUTE!! Baby fever?

  2. I want to rub some twin ness on to you so you’ll get twins too lol!

    I love this post, thank you and love you!

  3. BTW, that nye was epic and unforgettable. We had so much fun over the years

  4. Twins for me would be a dream come true <3

  5. ….minus the whole birth and getting pregnant and first year of their life part :)

  6. ….also that first time we met was Rob and I’s first date so you’ve been around for EVERYTHING

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