And Then There Were 3….

Why is Rob jumping for joy? A few months ago, Rob and I found out that we would finally be able to make a contribution to the ever expanding Van-Santos family.

At six months, Lentil (Name TBD) Santos has been such a blessing and comfort. This year was especially hard for the both of our families since I lost my grandfather and Rob lost his aunt and uncle within a week of each other. When we were able to share the news of Lentil’s arrival with our families it was amazing to see everyone light up with excitement even in times of extreme sadness.

Alina and Kassie have especially been excited about their new little cousin. Alina is afraid of hugging me because she thinks she will squish the baby. Kassie reads story books out loud so Lentil can hear and has told him/her (we are waiting to find out the sex) that the most exciting thing about being out of the womb is “mini corn dogs.”

Most exciting is seeing Rob slowly fall in love with our baby. From feeling his first kick to realizing the baby has his nose in our 4D ultrasound, it’s amazing to see their connection grow already.

I don’t know if it’s the hormones or the fact that I’m no longer vitamin deficient (thank you prenatals!) but I have never, ever been happier.


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