Pregnancy Cravings


The best thing about being pregnant is that people want to feed you all the time. I’ve always had a pretty healthy appetite but as I reach the last few months of pregnancy my hunger has been unreal. In fact, I’ve become the weirdo who is still munching when the table has long stopped eating a long time ago.

Here are the surprising and not-so-surprising things I’ve craved during my pregnancy!

First Trimester: Even though I did not have any morning sickness, I only ate food that is usually reserved for babies, old people, and those who are sick.
Arroz Caldo Chicken Tinola
Scrambled Eggs – Which is weird because I seriously thing that scrambled eggs is the worst form of eggs one person could possibly consume.
Mini White Birthday Cakes from Wegmans

Second Trimester:
Neopolitan Pizza
Croissants and Cake
Vietnamese Food
Valencia Oranges
Dragon Fruit
Acai Bowls
Cucumber Water

Third Trimester:
Korean BBQ
Hot Ginger Water
Toast (Usually with Avocado or Ricotta and Tomatoes on Top)
Papaya (After a brief breakup, we are now buying in bulk again)

I never knew how bakeries stayed in business before since sweets was something that I usually reserved for special occasions…but now I know! Lentil and I have visited pretty much every single bakery in the DMV the past year and we are now making our own cakes from scratch!



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  1. Yaaay. SOOON MAMA. SOON. I hope all is going well!

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