The V Family Annual Camping Trip

Rob and I did not go on a honeymoon unless you count a visit to Virginia Beach for our annual V Family camping trip at First Landing Park (see photos from last year here).

To tell you the truth, I actually don’t sleep in a tent. I stay for the crabs, company, swimming, and swings on our hammock but Rob has family who lives less than fifteen minutes away from the camp site so we always stay with them instead. The weather was perfect with a light breeze and I got to spend tons of time with my brothers (they are starting eighth grade this year — wowzers), Kassie, and my new nieces and nephews. We also got to experience the magic that is Jollibee, the McDonalds of the Philippines now on the East Coast! To Filipnos, nothing else says comfort food like a two piece Chicken Joy with a side of rice, spaghetti with hot dogs, a yum burger, mango pie and a big fat ube milkshake to wash it all down…And if we are really being honest, we also went to Sonic too!

I love my life.






2013: Working it!

Rob and I signed up for our first race together!  The thing is….

  • It’s indoors
  • It’s only 1k
  • It’s a beer walk

Judgement aside, it was a lot of fun and a great way to spend a random Sunday together. I tend to get really antsy in the winter time so we try to plan a lot of activities to keep me from going crazy.

We were given twenty tasting tickets but we could only get through half of them before giving up and crying “Mama!”. We are not the once virile, twenty-something year olds we thought we were. The 1k ended with an ultra awkward dance party where 40 year old men did the Wobble with other 40 year old men…and nobody else.

We did however discover a lot of great, new beers. A few favorites being:

  • Bold Rock Virginia Apple Hard Cider
  • Tuppers Hop Pocket Ale
  • Scotch de Silly
  • Ommegang Rare Vos
  • Ommegang Witte
  • Bison Chocolate Stout
  • Port City IPA
  • Boulevard Tripel

The day ended with a trip to Sakuramen in Dupont for a steaming hot bowl of noodle soup with our two favorite people whose names start with U’s.

Yoga on the National Mall

As a new yoga student, I pretty much got my butt handed to me on a silver platter  when I attended a free yoga class on the National Mall last Saturday.  But the weather was so beautiful, I didn’t mind one bit!

Thanks to my sister Kristina and friend Clarissa for joining me in this public humiliation!

PS: The next Yoga on the National Mall class will take place on May 19th, in conjunction with DC Yoga Week!



Paddleboating on the Potomac

A random jaunt on the Mount Vernon Trail landed Rob and I at the paddleboat station right outside of the Tidal Basin.  We had time and money to kill so we jumped in a boat and started paddling away.  As a side note, I have not been on a paddleboat since I was about four years old.  Paddleboating is not as much fun when you are actually doing the paddling.  This was some workout!  After propelling ourselves to the middle of the river the boy and I were completely wiped out and I assume we got a workout that was akin to all the spinning classes people are always talking about on Facebook.

We spent most of our time floating around and enjoying the beautiful sight of the Monument and the Thomas Jefferson memorial.  It is easy to forget that we live in a beautiful place like our Nation’s Capital and the view was truly breathtaking!


I love it when we’re cruising together.


Go Ape!

I was dreading my outing to Go Ape for weeks namely because I am terrified of heights and my idea of thrill-seeking includes riding down a small hill on my bike.

When the employees went through their spiel on how to go through the zip wire course I was very concerned when I found out that I would be in charge of making sure I was hooked up correctly at every station.  I am not a pay attention to details kind of girl so I was SURE that I would be brought home in the form of human jelly.

Since I am writing this review you know that is not the case.  After completing each course I became more and more confident in my abilities and even went EXTREME in some of the courses.  Even though it rained I still had a ton of fun and after the trip felt a little bit closer to all of the members in my group who cheered each other on through each station.

Yay for teamwork!


The Arlington/Washington, DC area (pretty much the same thing right) is known for the following things:

Guess which bucket I fit in?



I’m Sporty Spice!

In the span of seven days I went to a Nationals game, a Wizards, game and a Caps game!  And guess what? They all won!  DC sports pulled a hat trick – – I must be their lucky charm.

PS: I tagged this post “Active Life” but I am not sure if it counts when I am watching other people being active.

Here Comes the Sun

God was smiling upon me last Friday because the weather was a beautiful 75 degrees, I had the day off AND it turns out my good friend Carey was also not tied down by THE MAN that day.  THINGS LIKE THIS NEVER HAPPEN TO ME!  To celebrate (and I realize that in my life I pretty much celebrate everything in my life…) we had a delicious lunch at Chef David Gaus’ Bayou Bakery and took a long hike around Roosevelt Island.

The island is adjacent from the Georgetown waterfront and is truly a small quiet paradise within minutes from the city.  The best part – – there is always tons of parking available and is a short walk from the Rosslyn metro.  Besides a wide abundance of foliage, there is plenty of wildlife. I saw people fishing and even some raccoon tracks!


Suburbanette gets a workout

My reasons for not working out:

  • It is boring
  • My iPod is broken
  • It makes my butt hurt
  • Sweating makes me itchy
  • I am self conscious
  • I don’t want to shower again
  • I’m busy
  • Gossip Girl is on

I actually could go on even longer but my main point is that I have actually found a place that MAKES me want to work out…multiple times a week!  Kazaxe is an intense aerobic dance workout to a mix of Salsa, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Merengue, Bachata, Samba music and more.  They even throw in a mix of Filipino songs in there too which my Mom loves.  Yup, you read it right…even my mom goes to Kazaxe and she absolutely loves it.  I am sure you that if you try it you will love it too – – the instructor is gorgeous and a lot of fun.  She will motivate you to keep on dancing till the hour is over, even if you are a lazy bum like me.

First class is free and after that it is $5 per class.  This is a great deal because similar classes can run around $15 per class in the Arlington area.  They have classes at 10 am, 7:40 pm and 8:40 pm so one of those times is bound to fit in your schedule.  For more information visit

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