Homemade Terraniums


Like every other girl who got married in 2012 and 2013, my bouquet and centerpiece arrangements consisted of succulents. Not wanting my wedding fun to dwindle, I actually removed the succulents from the arrangements, dried out the roots and replanted them as a terrarium using empty jars and vases I found around the house.

1.Fill a clear glass bowl or vase with a wide opening with gravel
2. Add layer of cactus soil on top (You can also add layers of charcoal and sand but I could not find any at the store)
3. Make a hole with your fingers in the soil and add succulent
4. Decorate with additional air plants or cacti for color
5. For extra credit, add in decorative figurines. I am currently on a hunt for tiny vintage woodland creatures on Etsy but that will have to wait.
6. Make sure your terranium has lots of indirect sunlight and mist with water every two weeks. Do not cover or risk mold. I got a lot of covered jars for the wedding so expect a covered terrarium tutorial in the future!

*A few notes, if the roots of your succulents are damaged, leave them out to dry for five days or you will risk mold infection. Mine were punctured by florist wires so cross your fingers that my terrarium will be able to self sustain!


As you can see, I went a little bit crazy with my terrarium making. I placed it on a crate that my dad made out of broken fence, added gold candlesticks, a Christmas ornament from Rob and I’s trip to San Diego, and a Lucky Bamboo plant that Rob’s mom potted for me using my vintage milk jug. So many pretty things in one little tray! I  I could burst from happiness staring at it.

PS: Friends and family, expect a terrarium for upcoming birthdays, housewarmings, and holidays.


Creative Workshops by Fifteen Eleven

Fifteen Eleven in Old Town Alexandria just released their April/March workshop schedule! These classes are perfect for crafters or DIY brides.

Anybody want to take the Intro to Calligraphy class with me?

Crafternoon Delight with Suburbanette: Yarn Billy Balls

My favorite flower of the moment is craspedias also known as billy balls.  They are so bright and cheery and guaranteed to make anybody smile!  Since my upcoming nuptials have left me we with a budget of zero dollars for fun, play and whimsical decor I decided to make a few fake billy balls with some leftover yarn from Christmas time using this tutorial.

It was so quick and easy to do and the only materials I needed were yarn, my fingers, a pair of scissors and some floral wire!

I even made some extra billy balls to dress up a few Christmas presents as well!

My Friend Clarissa

The sole reason I became friends with Clarissa Hong in Ms. Bucco’s eleventh grade English class was because of her name.  Ever since I was six years old I had yearned for a friend named Clarissa…. just like Melissa Joan Hart’s character on Clarissa Explains it All.  Luckily for me, Clarissa turned out to be much more than a cool name – – she was super smart (highest GPA in the class), was a fan of Hello  Kitty, and was able to regale me with tales of her homeland (she was a new student and had just immigrated from Canada).

Ten years later she is an accountant by day and professional crafter by night!  Her latest venture, C-Squared Cupcakes offers a mouth-watering selection of cupcake accessories, including key chains, magnets, pouches, headbands, and tees.

Some of my favorite items are shown below.

Laundry time has never been so cute with these garment bags.

I am going to have a hard time convincing Kassie not to eat one of the delicious looking cupcakes on these adorable headbands.

These handmade cards are perfect for cupcake lovers like my friend Adrienne of Little Miss Cupcake.

C-Squared Cupcakes is a featured vendor at the upcoming Etsy-sponsored craft show Falling for Homemade on Sunday, October 16, 2011 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at theErnst Cultural Center at Northern Virginia Community College Annandale Campus (8333 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003.  If you cannot make it to the event check out her online shop here.

My Crafternoon with Zooey Deschanal

The weather outside is frightful.
But inside its so delightful.
But as long as the wind still blows…
I’m gonna sew! I’m gonna sew! I’m gonna sew!

Even though it was blustering cold, I found the inner willpower to check out the annual Crafty Bastards fair in Dupont Circle over the weekend (check out my recap of last year’s event here).  I didn’t purchase anything but all the cute items gave me the inspiration to become a do-it-yourself craftmonger.

As a crafting no0b, I knew I had to start small.  My girl crush Zooey Deschanel created a tutorial  for a drawstring pouch on her  website promising that the entire project would take about 15 minutes.  That and the fact that she too was the proud owner of a Hello Kitty sewing machine cemented my crafting fate.

The result?

A very awkward sized strawberry pouch!  I think I am going to use it as a makeup brush traveling bag.

PS:  Friends beware, you too will become the owner of a drawstring pouch this upcoming holiday season.

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