Living the Life

Grilling in other people’s yards when they are not home is the life.  I love the summer time!


Riddle me this, What does a non-essential government employee choose to eat as her last dinner before an impending government shutdown on one of the gloomiest, rainiest days of the year?

Cheese.  And lots of it.

Ten minutes away from our apartment in South Arlington (aka: the ghetto), lies a magical place called Del Ray where Main Street still exists (I didn’t make that up that is really their tagline).  We headed straight to Cheesetique, a speciality cheese shop with a small wine and cheese bar nestled into the back.

We thought about getting a cheese board to share but it was so dreary outside we decided to go straight for the comfort food.  Anita ordered the mac and cheese which came out hot and bubbly with a blend of goat gouda, asiago, percorino and trufffle-infused breadcrumbs.  This definitely blew Velveeta’s macaroni and cheese shells out of the water…and I LURVE Velveeta’s macoroni and cheese shells so that is saying a lot.  I ordered the grown up grilled cheese which had a “prarie breeze cheddar” (aka: white cheddar) on it and it was so delicious I was singing oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-my-gosh out the door. To fill out our meal we each ordered a cup of their tomato soup which was thickened with bread crumbs not cream which is a good thing because as Southeast Asians we lack the proper enzyme to digest dairy products.

If that doesn’t sound heavy enough we also decided to split a ramekin of their warm bread pudding.  Based on the Sweet Loaf’s standards it was perfect — light, airy, custardy with crunchy brown sugar bits spread throughout.

Diagnosis?  Delicious. If this is what Main Street is like I will squash my Hollywood dreams and stay here forever.

Ice Ice Baby

I recently accepted a new position with a small communications company so a few friends I decided to celebrate by checking out Donovan House’s new rooftop Ice Bar!  Sponsored by Russian Standard vodka, the ice bar offers beautiful panaromic views of the city along with a selection of delicious (but potent) winter-time cocktails such as spiked hot cocoa and mulled wine.

I would definitely check it out on the warmer winter nights but otherwise beware – – it is freezing!  I lasted about an hour before I headed downstairs for the warm, welcoming bar at Zentan.

Suburbanette gets a workout

My reasons for not working out:

  • It is boring
  • My iPod is broken
  • It makes my butt hurt
  • Sweating makes me itchy
  • I am self conscious
  • I don’t want to shower again
  • I’m busy
  • Gossip Girl is on

I actually could go on even longer but my main point is that I have actually found a place that MAKES me want to work out…multiple times a week!  Kazaxe is an intense aerobic dance workout to a mix of Salsa, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Merengue, Bachata, Samba music and more.  They even throw in a mix of Filipino songs in there too which my Mom loves.  Yup, you read it right…even my mom goes to Kazaxe and she absolutely loves it.  I am sure you that if you try it you will love it too – – the instructor is gorgeous and a lot of fun.  She will motivate you to keep on dancing till the hour is over, even if you are a lazy bum like me.

First class is free and after that it is $5 per class.  This is a great deal because similar classes can run around $15 per class in the Arlington area.  They have classes at 10 am, 7:40 pm and 8:40 pm so one of those times is bound to fit in your schedule.  For more information visit

Bourghetto Sangria Recipe

There comes a time in every Suburbanette’s life (usually the first and middle of every month) where she realizes that an expensive night out with the girls just isn’t in the (credit) cards. Still, that does not mean that you have to hole yourself up like a hermit until pay day rolls around. Plan a girl’s night in and make my special patented sangria recipe! I love this recipe because it is quick and easy and tastes just as good as anything Jose Andres could make.

Yes, all of the ingredients can be purchased at your local drug store but I promise you that as soon as you have a taste you will think that you have been transported to Spain …..

Suburbanette’s Bourghetto Sangria


  • One bottle of red wine (I like Charles Shaw or Carlos Rossi)
  • One can of orange soda
  • One can of mixed cocktail fruit with syrup
  • A taste of brandy (optional)


  • Mix together and enjoy

Seriously it is that easy! What are your favorite last minute party recipes?

District Sample Sale

To my fashionista friends….yes I am talking to you….you know who you are get on it!

The Legwarmers

Ladies of the eighties listen up…if you want a real man, than Cru Jones of the Legwarmers is your guy.  Rocking the hottest mullet since A.C. Slater he would never EVER be mistaken for a lesbian at an Ocean City Bar (yeah I’m talking about you Justin Bieber!).

The Legwarmers is one of the most popular eighties tribute bands to hit the Mid-Atlantic area.  Hordes of people pack the historic State Theatre every month wearing banana clips, spandex leggings and slap bracelets to celebrate the greatest decade that ever existed. It is truly one of the raddest fiestas to ever exist this side of the Mason-Dixon line.  Tickets sell out quickly so you have to check their website often to keep track of when they are playing.

Luckily for you, I have already done my homework and they will be playing at the State Theatre on Friday, August 27th and Saturday, August 28th.  You can buy pre-sale tickets here.

Suburbanette Tip:  Grab a pre-show drink at the beach shack next door.

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