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Hola Amigos!

It’s definitely been awhile and I apologize for that. Between balancing two demanding jobs as well as planning a wedding, I have little to no time to update my poor little bloggy-blog let alone have a personal life on top of that. Luckily for me, the folks at Brand About Town sent me on not one but TWO Nintendo adventures in the past month. I am so thankful to them because it really gave me a chance to re-connect and spend time with the three loves of my life, my fiance Rob and my two little brothers Kevin and Kris.

Adventure 1: The Wii U Experience

Night one started off with cocktail hour at one of my favorite DC area restaurants, Lincoln (check out my Yelp review here). At the event I got to finally meet the fabulous Justine and Danit from Brand About Town as well as some other really cool mommy bloggers like Thien from I’m Not the Nanny and my fellow non-mommy blogger Lexi from Crumpets with Jam. There was lots of laughs to be had between bites of delicious mouth watering pork belly and sips of excellent Prohibition era period cocktails.

The next day, Rob, Kevin, Kris and I headed down to the Grand Hyatt in downtown Washington for an exclusive sneak preview of the Wii U, which is the next generation of video game consoles that will be released by Nintendo during the next holiday season. When we arrived there, we all went our separate ways and went BUCK WILD! Rob at the Batman: Arkham City room, me in the Just Dance booth, and the twins spent a good hour schoolin’ everybody at the Super Mario Brothers U station. Rob and I easily decided that our new favorite game was Ray Man Origins. The dual screen controller was a lot of fun to use and I liked that it allowed me to be an interactive “helper”.  Even though I love Nintendo, my gaming skills just aren’t up to par to Rob’s so this allowed me to interact in the game without totally being left in the dust.

We all left, exhilarated and happy and Rob ended up counting this day as one of the top highlights in his life! Thank you Nintendo for making me the coolest fiance ever!

Adventure 2: Mario Kart Race Party

To wind down summer, Brand About Town also sent me a Mario Kart party kit so I can have fun with all of the little munchkins in my life. The party consisted of: my little brothers and their two friends, Kassie, my sister’s niece and nephew from her husband’s side, and Rob’s three little cousins. It was an eclectic mix but I was so glad to have a chance to get my new growing family together. I usually throw a lot of events but they are more adult oriented so it was nice to let these young grasshoppers know that they were loved as well.

Kassie was most excited about the balloons but all of the other kids became insta-friends with the help of Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Toad. Rob’s grandma even got in on the fun and by the end of the night she was dodging banana peels and throwing turtle shells like a pro. I also felt quite honored to help my brother-in-law’s niece learn how to play her first Nintendo game. She was shy at first but then she snuggled up next to me so I can show her how to play and at the end of the party she gave me the biggest hug ever. It was the best feeling in the world!

Needless to say, everybody had tons of fun and I hope I cemented my little brother’s middle school popularity by hosting this party.

I was not compensated for this review. All thoughts are my own!

Before and After: Children With Swag

Kevin and Kristopher came to my house last Saturday to play Gears of War with Rob.  Unluckily for them, they ended up being a part of my evil styling experiment inspired by the Children With Swag Tumblr site.  Kevin is on the left playing my “Before” model and Kristopher is on the right.

I don’t know what I am more surprised about — how good my brother looks or the fact that he is a perfect size four in women’s clothing!


Blazer: Ann Taylor Loft (Provided by Me)
Button Down Shirt: Banana Republic (Provided by Me)
Tie: Express (Provided by Rob)
Jeans: Forever 21 (Provided by Kimberly)
Jacket: Old Navy (Provided by Kristina)
Boots: Model’s Own

Keeping up with the Vandashians…Blades of Glory Edition

The Pentagon Row Ice Rink BLOWS.  First of all it is too small, too crowded, the ice is extremely bumpy, and their rental skates are practically falling apart (literally – – my skates had a huge slice through them!).

But a little hiccup here or there didn’t stop the Vandashian family + Rob from having the time of their life!

This was right after Kevin made fun of Kris for falling down! That's what happens when you are being mean!

After all the fun and excitement, we took the boys to Sine to share a plate of wings and nachos.  Kristopher declared that it was his favorite Irish pub of all time. Haha.



Holiday Date Guide: Christmas Lights and Sights Edition

Festival of Lights – Growing up in Centreville, my family always made it a point to pile up in the car and check out the annual lights extravaganza at Bull Run Regional Park.  After the light show, you can stop at the Festival of Lights Holiday Village and try your hand at some old timey carnival games. $15 – $20 per car.

Zoo Lights – Take a stroll through the national zoo to marvel at the animals in light formation.  Train rides, ice skating, funnel cake, hot cocoa and more — the best part?  Admission to all the fun is FREE!  To read about my recent trip click here.

Richmond Tacky Lights Tour – If you find yourself in the 804 area, be sure to check out this neighborhood tour of amazingly fun, tacky, and awesome light shows.  Free.

Leesburg Non-Traditional Christmas Tour -Fans of curious oddities and grinch-like couples should take a drive out to Leesburg to view the controversial holiday creations that include a spaghetti and meatball Jesus sculpture and a  skeleton of Santa nailed to the cross. Free.

National Christmas Tree – Since 1923, spectactors have gathered on the Ellipse near the White House to gawk at the grand illumination of the National Christmas Tree and it’s state Christmas tree babies known as the “Pathway of Peace”.  Free.

U.S. Botanic Gardens – During the holiday season, the U.S. Botanic Garden presents “Season’s Greenings”, a unique exhibit featuring model trains and incredible replicas of the world’s most famous statues and monuments made completely out of plants.  Free.


A Trip to the Zoo

Over the weekend, I suggested that my family take Kassie out to see the  Zoo Lights exhibit at the National Zoo.  Let me tell you…I HAD SO MUCH FUN!  Going to the zoo is fun as adults but with toddlers – – 100x more exciting since they are experiencing all of these new sights and sounds for the first time.  Kassie had so much fun roaring with the lions, pretending to swim with the turtles, dancing with a fake panda bear, and running away from the stinky ape house.

The Vandashian girls minus Kristina by the lion exhibit.

Sleepy lions.

Snapping turtle waiting for his prey.

Dancing panda in a snow globe.  Kassie was super fascinated by this.

Under the sea Zoo Lights display


Suburbanbro missed out on the Redskins game to spend time with me and my family.  I am so lucky!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Details // Zoo Lights // National Zoo // November 25 – December (Friday though Saturday nights) and December 16 – January 1 (every night) // 9 – 5 pm // Light displays featuring the zoo’s favorite animals, ice skating, hot cocoa, live entertainment, train rides and more. // Free

Wii Had a Party!

The Wii has been a saving grace in the Suburbanette-Suburbanbro household.  On cold wintery days, we rely on it to stream “Lost” on Netflix and to break a sweat with epic “Just Dance” battles.  That is why I was SUPER excited when Brand About Town contacted me about hosting an over-the-top Wiii ice cream party to demo the new Wii Play Motion game.

Twenty guests ages two to thirty-two crammed into our tiny apartment for a two hour party that ended up lasting SEVEN HOURS.  I’ve been to weddings where people have cleared out faster!  I think this stands as a testament to Wii’s people-gathering power (and my awesome buffalo chicken dip).  Wii Play Motion makes use of the new Wii Motion Plus control and has up to four players compete in a series of mini games!  The games are fairly basic but surprisingly addictive.  Who would have known that virtual skipping rocks would be so much fun?  I am not even joking, during this particular game, large groups of people gathered around the television to cheer on their favorite players as they threw fake rocks in a fake lake.  People were more excited about this game than the actual REDSKINS game!

Brand About Town also provided us with tons of extra goodies such Coldstone ice cream, ALL of the fixings one person could possibly want (even strawberry syrup — I can’t wait to make strawberry milk with it!), and parting gifts for each guests!  Can I say best party ever?  Thank you Brand About Town and Nintendo for making my snowy HalloWIIn weekend a WII-ner!

Also — to give my party a Suburbanette flair I created an old school Gameboy photo prop that everybody had fun posing in!  Doesn’t everybody look so cute?

For more images of the party click here.

Keeping Up with the Vandashians

For those who do not know pretty much everybody in my family has a “K” name.  This includes my immediate family — me (Kimberly), my sisters (Kathlea and Kristina), my twin brothers (Kevin and Kristopher) and my neice (Kassie).  Even my cousins and their children have “K” names (Kenneth, Kristianne, Karelle, Kim, Klenn, Kyle, Kerry, Karlen, Kaleb, Kassandra, Kameron, and Kaila).  We are pretty much the Kardashian family only 20x larger and without a reality television show (however we are TOTALLY open to it!).

Anyways now that you know that know that important fact about me, last Saturday Kat and I took Kassie to Clarendon for some family friendly fun (who would have thought that Clarendon was family-friendly?!?!)  After a lunch of fettucini alfredo at Cheesecake Factory, Kassie took a walk to the playground in front of the Apple Store, checked out the several large fountains in the courtyard and peered in the faces of many dogs both large and small.  By the end of the day she was completely wiped out!

And for my personal knowledge – – here is a list of words that Kassie can say at 21 months:  Mom, Dad, Lolo, Dog, Bird, Fish, No, Come On, Go, Please, More, Yum, No More, Meow, Good Girl, Eww Yuck, and Oh God (we are still trying to figure out where she learned that one from).  She also knows how to brush her hair and put on lipstick (thanks to her Auntie Kimberly!)

Birthday Party

I was so excited when my friend Brian invited me to his Spiderman themed 26th birthday party at Pizza Hut!  Pizza Hut evokes all of these nostalgic memories of Book It buttons, personal pan pizzas and pitchers of delicious refreshing coke.  Brian looked far and wide to find one of the last remaining “huts” and it turns out there is one less than five minutes away from my apartment!  You can bet that you will find me there in the upcoming months gouging myself on their illusive pizza buffet.

Perils of the Lost Jungle

The last time I went to Perils of the Lost Jungle in Herndon, VA my baby brother had so much fun that he peed in his pants.  Literally.  When I asked him why he didn’t ask to go to the bathroom his reply was, “But I didn’t want to miss out on anything.”  Quite honestly, I couldn’t blame him.

Voted one of the top five mini golf courses in the nation, Perils of the Lost Jungle is certainly a feast for the eyes.  As soon as you enter the bamboo walls you are greeted by an animatronic Tarzan and rum-drinking monkeys.  As you go through the course you will have to avoid the flaming poison arrows, angry alligators and giant locusts straight out of the Old Testament.

If you are able to complete the course without any harm you can check out the batting cages that are also on site.

Suburbanette Tip:  Check the back of the “passport” they give you for great deals to the nearby Chick-fil-a!  Last time I was there I got a free chicken tender kid’s meal for ZERO dollars.  Booyakasha!

For more photos visit my flickr page.

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