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Step aside current dream job, when I grow up I want to be a mahout. In between all of the eating and beaching Rob and I did in Thailand, I made sure to schedule a few days at Elephant Hills, a luxury tented camp set in the middle of Khao Sok National Park, the largest jungle in all of Thailand.

At the camp we were able to help out with the elephant preserve’s daily activities such as scrubbing their thick skin with coconut husks, hosing them down, preparing their daily meals and feeding them.

Did you know….
+ Elephants can be picky eaters? We fed the elephants a mixture of sugar cane, palm leaves, bamboo, and tamarind. The elephants immediately went for the sweet stuff and threw their veggies on the ground.
+ If you come across a white elephant in Thailand you must immediately notify the king. White elephants are considered sacred and often live the remainder of their lives at royal palaces and are often given royal titles.

PS: How funny is it that Rob wore a Swedish Tourist Shirt in Thailand?

A Trip to the Hospital

So I know you what you must be thinking….is this a Noxzema commercial or what? But I actually have a way normal life! – Cher from Clueless


With my blog, Facebook and Instagram it’s pretty easy to think that my life is a big hodge podge of macarons, trips to Anthropologie, rooftop parties, and nail painting sprees. I don’t like talking about sad stuff, it’s no fun and it puts me in a depressed mood. I wish my life WAS all glitter, sprinkles, and cupcakes but sometimes (most of the time) life hands you lemons. Exactly one month ago, Rob developed a high fever of 104 degrees and seizure like chills. He gets sick fairly easily so we assumed it would be gone in 24 hours and we would all go on our merry little way. Instead, he only got worse and needed round the clock care (In reality, I actually missed Kristina walk on graduation and her pinning ceremony. I was only able to step out to take the one photo in the image below and stepped out for two hours while Rob was knocked out on pain killers). We had to send him to the ER three times before he was finally admitted for a scary bacterial infection that had entered his bloodstream and had also affected his appendix. It was also kind of scary because he showed no symptoms of infection or appendicitis besides the fever so it was hard for the hospital to diagnose at first. Once they were able to pinpoint the problem they were able to treat him pretty quickly: a few IVs, a sugery, and two weeks of antibiotics he was finally home and feeling better.

Having being previously diagnosed with cancer, I always thought I would be the sick one in the relationship and I always felt guilty about the complications that might cause later down the road. While having Rob in the hospital was no peach, I felt like it taught me some very valuable lessons before we get married:

1) It is okay to not be able to do everything – I work from home so I luckily had the flexibility to give him the round the clock care that he needed. However after a while it got pretty exhausting! When he was at the hospital, even though I slept on a small couch (which I learned you can pull out the day we were discharged) I seriously had the best sleep of my life in years. Doctors were coming in at all hours of the night, drawing blood, asking questions and I had no idea — I was zonked out! Surprising because I can’t sleep anywhere without my special pillow and blankie (yes, I’m a five year old).

2) We are starting a family together – During this whole ordeal, Rob’s parents were on a three week European cruise vacation without any access to phone or internet. The first week I tried doing everything myself but my mom (who is a nurse) worried about Rob so she ended up checking on him while I was at a meeting and deciding immediately that he should go to the hospital (again) for additional blood work. Her quick thinking and concern was the reason they were able to diagnose the blood infection. She was also able to reach out to his aunties, his brother, and my sisters who were all able to watch over Rob when I had to cover two events that weekend. I have always been in the immature mind set thinking that it was HIS family and MY family and there was a big separation but for the first time I realized that we were in this together and now I have an extra big network of people who now love and care for us now. Also for the first time Rob called my parents “Mom” and “Dad.” Also, I think that is kind of weird because I still call them Mommy and Daddy (again, I am five years old). I honestly would not have been able to get through the three weeks he was sick without the help of family. While I sometimes dream of moving away to a far off city where nobody knows my name, it’s the though of my family that keeps me here.

3) We are in an equal relationship – For better or for worse. As I mentioned earlier, I have a lot of guilt for having had cancer and all the complications that it will cause later in my life. With Rob being sick, I realized that we are both equal partners and we both have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow. As long as we both stay grounded and understand that we love each other we will be good.

Welp, thats enough of me being emo. I promise the next entry will be about unicorns, glitter, and rainbows again!

*The photo above was taken when Rob was finally admitted in the hospital overnight. He has a fever of 104 degrees and just finished a crazy bout of chills but he is still smiling for the camera (he was miserable but I begged him to). Even though he is super sick in this photo, I still think he is so handsome. I am so lucky to be marrying him!


Tales from the Bathroom Sink

Our bathroom sink was broken for a few days so Rob decided it was an opportune time to grow a beard. I think he looks handsome.


Valentine’s Day 2012

For Valentine’s Day, Rob and I had a heart shaped pizza at our favorite pizzeria — Famous Luigi’s.  The restaurant’s claim to fame is that they are the oldest restaurant in the city.  Famous Luigi’s looks like the back drop of a low-budget sketch comedy with its checkered tablecloths, moustached servers and drippy candles but I am totally in love with it.

Since it was a special day of love, the restaurant hired a violinist to serenade all of the diners table side.  I requested that our violinist play a Whitney Houston song but unfortunately he was unable to oblige.  Instead he played a horrendous rendition of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”.  I’m sorry but as far as divas go Celine does not equal Whitney in my book but that is a discussion for another day.

Regarding gifts, Rob and I set a $20 limit this year.  We ended up getting each other the same gift.  Moleskin notebooks.  His is Star Wars themed and mine is Valentine’s day themed.  This coinky-dink only gives me further proof that I am going to marry the most awesome guy in the whole world!

I also got Rob this bacon and egg themed Valentine’s day card because he makes me bacon and eggs every weekend!


Our Wild Fatastic Ride

I am temporarily working in DC for the month while my office goes through an extensive renovation.  My new workspace is located approximately two blocks from Rob’s office which means our new routine includes:

– Seeing who can wake up first to hog up our one person bathroom
– Driving to work together
– Eating lunch together / Or eating a virtual lunch together at our desks
– Driving home together
– Eating dinner  or going to happy hour together
– Debating about going to the gym together or watching our favorite shows together
– Going to bed together

I thought by the end of the first day I would be ready to punch my boyfriend (fiance!) in the face but it has actually been really nice.

Some of the stops we visited on our slow descent into diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure include:

Nando’s Peri Peri – – Our favorite South African roasted chicken spot!  It’s so good that you will want to pass up your only brother’s engagement dinner!  Also, a little Suburbanette bird just told me that it will be opening it’s first Virginia location at Pentagon Row this summer!

Crumb’s Cupcake – – Rob called me excitedly to let me know that the new shop right next to his office was giving out cupcakes!  The blustering cold did not turn me away from the thought of a nice, moist, fluffy cupcake with my favorite flavor of icing on top (FREE).

Barcode — Best happy hour in the city!  Tuesdays is half priced bottle night so a few girlfriends and  I was able to enjoy a smooth Argentinian pinot noir for the sweet, sweet price of $15.  Rob ordered the banana bread beer which I am happy to report lived true to its namesake.

Pho Sate – Rob and I found ourselves back in the burbs’ after visiting Baby Willow in the hospital.  Let me tell you there is nothing that soothes frazzled nerves like a hot bowl of steaming pho.  For more information on my favorite pho spot click here.




A Suburbanette Love Story

He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring
And said, marry me Juliet Kimberly
You’ll never have to be alone

I love you and that’s all I really know
I talked to your dad, now pick out a white dress
It’s a love story, baby just say yes

Needless to say it has been a VERY wonderful Christmas! I am sorry for the lack of updates but I promise I will be back soon.

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus.

I recently picked up Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. from the library. The book pretty much sums up Suburbanbro and I’s relationship in 286 pages. My favorite section is titled ‘101 Ways to Score Points with a Woman’. Here is a snippet of some of the little pearls of advice the book offered:

– Upon returning home find her first before doing anything else and give her a hug.
– Take her side when she is upset with someone.
– Buy her little presents – like a small box of chocolates or perfume.
– Write a note on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.
– Organize and prepare a picnic.
– Get ready to go to sleep together and get in bed at the same time.  (This has been very hard for Rob and I to do ever since he got Gears of War for his birthday.  Roel, I blame you!)
– Read out loud or cut out sections of the newspaper that would interest her.

This entire section took up four pages of the book. The following section ‘What a Man Needs’ was equivalent to two paragraphs. Sounds accurate right?

This book is very stereotypical but Suburbanbro is a hardwired dude and I am a bonafide girly-girl so it has been great in helping me understand why he does things and vice-versa. I highly recommend it to anybody who needs help working on their communication skills.

Also, what are ways that a man/woman can do to score points with you?

I’m a Soul Man

A couple of friends and I were able to check out the sold out Musiq Soulchild show at the Birchmere last night and it was amazing!  The Birchmere is a very intimate music hall/dance hall with old school appeal.  I loved everything about it from their giant chicken wing baskets (soul music + chicken wings = love)  to their honky tonk paraphenelia.  Another thing – – the acoustics were amazing.

Below are a few clips of my favorite Musiq songs….both of them dedicated to my love




I love it when we’re cruising together.


Zack Morris Photo Bomb

I was SOOOO excited to photo bomb Zack Morris at RFD in DC.  You can catch him on his new show Franklin & Bash on TNT!

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